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Students who are new in research field always try to locate sites accepts there paper for publication. So in order to improve their confidence this article provides various suggestion for the young or budding researcher. Here paper publication sites should have following research features:

1. Sites should be International Journal
2. Site should have valid ISSN number
3. Site should have good impact factor as well
4. At-least three volume should be published by the journal
5. Journal should have good technical support Team
6. Publication cost should be low

Sites having ISSN number are authorize to publish research papers. Two type of ISSN number are there one is for electronic / online version other is for print. So paper publishing sites should have atleast E-ISSN number. Scholars who are looking for good papers than journal should have indexing in 2 or 3 other sites as well. Journal should have high impact factor as well. Researcher can easily verify any journal by search on ISSN portal using ISSN number, shows complete details of publisher.

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