IJSRET Volume 4 Issue 4, July-Aug-2018


Modern Manufacturing and Automation Technology Approach for Rubber to produce Tire and Safety With Pollution Control Guide
Authors: Hitender Chhikara, Asst. Prof. Vikas Kumar, Prof. Sanjay Kumar, Research Scholar Vinay Singh

Abstract:–Tire or Tyre Automotive Industry has emerged as an important field of research under manufacturing and automation technology with environment pollution factors in the last few years. Vehicle Tire Automotive Industry is a set of processes that seek to change the automotive market pattern of knowledge processing to enhance both it and its outcomes. Tire Industry is a core concept involving manufacturing and automation technology and various management practices working for the betterment of the Automotive Industry market are becoming more knowledgeable about technology intensive; they are hiring “minds” more than the hands. The tire industry has become one of the critical approaches for the automotive market as a manufacturing sector and business scenarios. So that many definitions and history of describing a vehicle tire, manufacturing and automation technology Industry has been discussed in the first chapter. A literature review of the process has been discussed in the chapter second. The process is affected by various factors that support and hinders the automotive Industry. These factors were implemented in small and medium levels of the working of technology for tire manufacturing process and their importance has been found out in the research. These factors were mentioned in the chapter third. A Modern Manufacturing & Automation Tire Technology, under in process, today used the latest machines technology for manufacturing of tires with help of automation technology. These factors are mentioned in chapter fourth. In chapter five, tire terminology is very important factors discussed for tire performance and accuracy for working on the road or off-road. A tire is depending on raw- material based upon natural, synthetic rubber and others material, so these materials mentioned in chapter six. The tire is related to rubber, in that case, recycling time many types of pollution work in at surrounding, these concepts discussed in chapter seven. It was the first rubber tire developed in the 1800’s after the analysis and various important factors related to work performance. The important parameters are identified and self-interaction matrixes proposed with the help of Interpretive Technology structure modeling which evaluates the inhibiting power of these parameters. This index can be used in the comparison of different factors responsible for manufacturing processes. Eight chapter of the research includes concluding Remarks of the study, Limitations of the study and Scope of the future work.

Modern Manufacturing and Automation Technology Approach for Rubber to produce Tire and Safety With Pollution Control Guide
Authors: M.Tech.Scholar Sanjay Patware, Asst. Prof. S.S. Gawande

Abstract:–The microprocessors in the modern era are propelled by high speed, small area and low power circuits. Dynamic logic circuits are used for high performance and high speed applications. Wide OR gates are used in Dynamic RAMs, Static RAMs, high speed processors and other high speed circuits. In spite of their high performance, dynamic logic circuit has high noise and extensive leakage which has caused problems for the circuits. To overcome these problems Domino logic circuits are used which reduce sub threshold leakage current in standby mode and improve noise immunity for wide OR gates. High noise sensitivity is the result of sub threshold leakage current that flows through the evaluation network. With the advancements in CMOS manufacturing process to scale down into the ultra deep sub-micron regime, the leakage current becomes an increasingly more important consideration in VLSI circuit design. According to the simulations in HSPICE at 90nm and 65nm CMOS technology, the proposed circuit shows the improvement of Average power consumption upto for 8 input OR gate 30% compared existing domino logics. This control circuit produces small voltage at the source of the pull down network in the standby mode. It improves the noise immunity of the domino circuits. The performance of these circuits has been evaluated by HSPICE using a BSIM4.

Modern Manufacturing and Automation Technology Approach for Rubber to produce Tire and Safety With Pollution Control Guide

Authors: Ganesh B. Salomi Ch., Prof. Sri Rami Reddy D

Abstract:–Carbonate producing bacteria have attracted lots of interest as promising natural, environmental friendly novel technique to the improvement of concrete characteristics. Considerable research has been conducted on utilizing microbial induced carbonate precipitation to mitigate several concrete problems such as crack repair, reduction and modification of porosity and permeability. Furthermore, bacterial carbonate precipitation has shown positive influence on compressive strength improvement of concrete. In general, cracks in the concrete structures are early signs of distress which have to be diagnosed properly otherwise the repair of same crack takes place again and again causing loss of time and money. This led to the evolution of self healing concrete. Self Healing Concrete is a term that is used for cement-based materials that repair themselves after the material or structure gets damaged due to some sort of deterioration mechanism. The vast literature review indicated that self healing mechanism can be achieved in various ways, by using certain polymers or by the use of certain species of bacteria. Self healing concrete prepared by using bacteria is called Bio-concrete. There are three approaches for bio-concrete, namely, autogenous, vascular, and capsule-based self-healing. Based on these factors, the present study attempted to interpret the efficiency of Bacillus subtilis as a self healing agent and to study the change in the properties of concrete due to the addition of this species. In the view of this, the primary objectives of this study were to analyze the healing capacity of Bacillus subtilis and the effect of its addition on the compressive strength of concrete. Basic tests such as sieve analysis, determination of specific gravity, compression tests on concrete and serial dilution technique were also performed.

Experiential Investigation on the Stabilization of Expansive Soil with Lime

Authors: San San Myint

Abstract:–Subgrade is an important component in the pavement structure. The performance and durability of pavement also depends on type of subgrade soil and its engineering properties. Expansive soil is one of the major soil deposits of Myanmar. In this research, expansive soil is taken from East and West sides of Mandalay-Madayar Road. Based on Atterberg limit values and particles size analysis, the group symbol of research soil is CL according to Unified Soil Classification System (USCS). The plasticity index of research soil is about 25% and has high degree of expansion. Stabilization is needed for research soil to reduce the expensive potential. Lime increases the optimum water content for compaction, which is an advantage when dealing with wet soil and also increases the strength of clayey soil. In this study, stabilization of expansive soil has been carried out using lime. The plasticity index decreases with increase in lime content which varies from 24.66 to about 10.95 in East side and from 26.5 to about 10.64 in West side. This shows that the degree of expansion decreases to low range when increase in lime content. From the unsoaked CBR test results, the CBR values for natural soil in east and west sides are 44.5 and 20 respectively. When expansive soil treated with lime, the peak value of CBR occurs at 3% and 7% of lime in east side of soil and the CBR value decreases as increase in addition of lime in west side of soil. Therefore, the both sides of soil are suitable for sub- base material in dry condition.Keywords- –Bio concrete, bacteria, bacillus subtilise, Polymers, carbonate producing bacteria.

Augmented & Virtual Reality in Iris Recognition A Modern Approach

Authors: M.Tech.Scholar Rajat Verma, Harshita Mishra

Abstract:–Today, the humanity is living in the domain of technology. This is clearly depicted in this paper. A view to technology is illustrated in this paper. The structure of an eye is also mentioned in this paper. Augmented and Virtual Reality concepts are also mentioned in this paper. All this will certainly contribute in the research sector of biometric dimension. The recognition sector can be of any kind that includes speaker, iris etc. It is expanding at a tremendous rate and also contributing in the dimension of research.

An Innovating Methodology for Measuring The Effective Implementation of OHSMS (Occupational Health And Safety Management System) in Small and Medium Scale Industries

Authors: PG Scholar Saurabh Tiwari, Asst.Prof. Vivek Shukla

Abstract:–The small and medium scale enterprises(SME) have immense growth in the recent years due to the social and economic development of the country, but the safety aspects followed in the SME are very poor, and it becomes highly risky to the employees life, so safety aspects in SME requires huge amount of improvement. In this thesis we propose behavior of small and medium scale industry for safety management. The first target of the industries has to improve the implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Safety investments are uncompetitive if compared to other investments, especially for SMEs, due to responsibility attribution management that does not guarantee the exemption of responsibility in the case of unpredictable accidents and to an insufficient incentive policy for enterprises, virtuous in safety investments. For SMEs safety investments are un-profitable also because the individual SME has no real perception of accident risks due both to difficulties in assessing and monitoring the real risk and to the small number of employees. The project has introduced an index (Efficacy Index) to objectively quantify the effective implementation of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS). The paper shows how the index can be practically applied to a company and what kind of information can be collected and processed to determine the effective implementation of the OHSMS. It helps to reduce the accident rate and incident rate of SMEs, highlighting the safety awareness in SMEs from the management level to the employee in order to improve the safety management in SMEs.

Automatic Alcohol Detection and Vehicle Controlling System for Prevention of Road Accidents

Authors: Sunkavalli Raviteja, Aluru Jawahar, P Harsha Vardhini, Y Thejaswi

Abstract:–Our paper proposes a new design to control the fatal road accidents caused due to the drunken drivers with the help of automatic alcohol detection and vehicle controlling unit (ADVCU). Now-a-days, most of the detection model’s senses alcohol but unable to control the vehicle automatically. Here, we developed a new design which prevents the movement of vehicle when the driver was detected with consumption of alcohol. The proposed system determines the amount of alcohol consumed by the driver and if it exceeds the permissible limit, the vehicle will be automatically stopped for stipulated time and message along with vehicle location will be sent to concerned personnel. For this purpose, we have used breath-analyser (MQ3), ATMEGA 328P microcontroller, NEO-7M GPS, SIM 800L GSM Module. The breath analyser senses the level of alcohol present in the breath of driver and acknowledges to Microcontroller. If it is beyond the limit then ATMEGA 328P will drive the signal to GSM, GPS modules and immediately bike engine will be stopped and location from the GPS module will be sent to the person concerned through text message from GSM module.

Natural Language Processing (Nlp) : A Comprehensive Study

Authors: M.Tech. Scholar Rajat Verma

Abstract:–we the people, are living in this modern era of Artificial Intelligence. This is clearly depicted in this paper. The combination of lexical, syntactic, semantic usage in the domain of social networking which is an application of NLP is also mentioned in this paper. Turing Test is also mentioned in this paper. The individual functionalities of lexical, syntactic and semantic analysis is also illustrated in this paper. These all features will clearly increase the usage of all 3 will bring a better tomorrow in the field of Natural Language Processing.

Assessment of Toxicity Index and Consequence Analysis using Aloha in Pharma Industry

Authors: M.Tech. Scholar Rahul Parmar, Asst.Prof. Vivek Shukla

Abstract:– Chemicals are highly hazardous in nature. Starting from the initial stage of manufacturing till the storage of raw chemicals is dangerous to human life. This study has been done in pharma industry where the workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals such as chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, methanol and the same. The physical and chemical properties of the chemicals are studied. The second step is Checklist analysis where the needed data are gathered which are going to be used for further steps. At next step, to select a highly hazardous chemical, Toxicity Index Calculation is used to rank the chemicals based on the data collected from checklist. After the selection of the hazardous chemical, the next step is to find out what is the next event going to happen if there is a release. For which, Event Tree Analysis (ETA) is used in this step. The next step after finding the final event from ETA is to find the how it is dispersed into atmosphere and how much distance it covered. It can be easily found out using the ALOHA Dispersion Software. The next step is human health and safety loss calculation using the distance found out by software and compensation amount gathered from law. The final step is to make the precautionary & preventive measures to avoid the toxic dispersion into atmosphere and the emergency preparedness should be prepared for what should be done during the toxic release.

Electric Wheel using Non Rotating Tri Spoke

Authors: Shoeb Muzaffar Khan, Sayyad Asef Bashir, Sayyed Sohel Mushiroddin, Vasil Bhisti, Prof.P.D.Kulkarni

Abstract:–The main motto of this review paper is to present the idea and design of electric wheel. There are many electric vehicles are present in market but the innovative thing about our project is the position of all components like motor, battery, controller, generator fixed in wheel. Traveling plays the very important role in human being .as we go forward the need of vehicle increases day by day which in turn increase the emission.so now there is need of another substitution of petrol based vehicle which should be durable, efficient, time taking for traveling should be less and also it should be economical and easily available as compared to present transportation and traveling system.

Implemented Image Processing operationsusing Python

Authors: M.Tech. Scholar Rajat Verma

Abstract:–In today’s modern world, many programming as well as scripting languages are present. Python is one of them which has made its dimension particularly clear that it will rule the scenario of computer science. Many popular websites like Google, YouTube and Yahoo all uses the scripting language python. Python is high level language which is closer to the user rather than the machine. The concepts of Object Oriented Programming is clearly mentioned in this paper. Hand Tracking, Eye tracking and face blurring is also mentioned in this paper. Edge detection in Video and image cartooning is also mentioned in this paper. Calibrating and estimating Output is also mentioned in this paper. Maze solver is also there in this paper. This all will definitely contribute to research sector in some extent.

Analysis of Risk and occupational Hazards in Foundry

Authors: M.Tech. Scholar Sailesh Choudhary, Asst.Prof.Vivek Shukla

Abstract:– Foundry business is taken into account to be a high risk space since it contains the venturous operations. manu factory operation use extraordinarily hot temperature method and enormous quantity of nephrotoxic mud and warmth square measure discharged. The processes utilized in metal casting square measure terribly uproarious. inexperienced sand manufactory manufacture endless pollutants within the surroundings – each operating and close surroundings. throughout the operations, staff might doubtless scraped and plagued by unhealthiness issues. Assessing and dominant the chance is completed in step with the aspects of activity health and safety in manufactory. HIRA study was done to spot the hazard in manufactory business. it had been found that Heat, Dust, Noise and activity square measure the main hazards. Heat stress calculation was done. it’s finished with appropriate management live to scale back major hazards found.

Perfect Semi Complete Graphs

Authors: N. Abdul Ali, M. Shajahan, S.Selvaraj, A.Dhanasekaran

Abstract:– As perfect semi- complete graphs play a vital role in tacking defense problem, a complete study of these graphs gives as overall view to apply them in our practical problems. In this paper a further study about perfect semi-complete graph is made. Path connector set, Edge path connector set, Perfect semi complete graphs are introduced and discussed.

A Study on Normality of Meromorphic Functions

Authors: M.Phil.Scholar Sreejil. K., Rajakumari. N.

Abstract:– A heuristic principle attributed to Andr´e Bloch and P. Montel says that a family of holomorphic functions is likely to be normal if there is no nonconstant entire function with this property. We discuss this principle and survey recent results that have been obtained in connection with it. We pay special attention to properties related to exceptional values of derivatives and the existence of fixed points and periodic points, but we also discuss some other instances of the principle.

Topological Groups and Different Types of Measures

Authors: M.Phil.Scholar Suma Joseph, Dr.B.SenthilKumar

Abstract:– Applying Haar’s Measure theory to probability theory to understand and generalize the uniqueness of invariant measure in the situation of risk and uncertainty. If T is finite topological group and X be subgroup of T then µ(X)|µ(T).

A Study on Unique Factorization an Integral Domain

Authors: M.Phil.Scholar Suja Joseph, Dr.B.Senthilkumar

Abstract:– We take a broad view the notion of “unique factorization domain” in the spirit of “half-factorial domain”. We show that new generalization of UFD implies the now well known notion of half factorial domain. As a consequence, we discover that the one of the normal axioms for unique factorization domains is union scientiouslyred undant.That is, we interested in factoring numbers in integral domains so we have to scrutinize distribution, and so this post will begin with a fairly cursory look at the properties of distribution. Then we will introduce the crucial ideas of units and associates. (In the integers, ±1 are units and ±n, for any fixed n, are associates).

A Study on Distance Pattern of Vertices in a Graph

Authors:M.Phil.Scholar Jeffy Johnson, B. Amutha

Abstract:– This paper discuss about the distance pattern of vertices in a graph. The distance between two vertices is the basis of the definition of this graph parameter. There are several distance related concepts and parameters. We also present several fundamental results on open distance pattern uniform graphs and open distance pattern uniform number of a graph.

A Survey on Robust Image Watermarking Techniques and Different Applications

Authors: M.Tech. Scholar Kanchan Sahu, Asst.Prof. Pravin Malviya

Abstract:– Image Watermarking is used for copyright protection, authentication and ownership of the intellectual property. Visual cryptography is technique in which secret data is decomposed into number of shares and distributed to participants, So that only participants can read that data. Image Visual Cryptography is used to keep the data private from unauthorized users. Here detail survey of different image watermarking techniques used by various researcher are detailed. Various properties of the image data hiding was explained.

Fuzzy Based Electric Springs for Distributed Voltage Control
Authors: Asst.Prof.V.Sunil Kumar Reddy, M.Tech.Scholar E.Subramanyam

Abstract:– Electric spring which was developed recently has become the effective means of enhancing the load voltage regulation and stability of the system. This paper deals about the use of electric spring for distributed voltage control. The basic idea behind this is to maintain the constant voltage across the critical (C) loads by varying the power consumption of non-critical (NC) loads with the help of electric springs. A comparison is made between distributed voltage control using electric spring and general single point STATCOM control in terms of reactive power handling capability noncritical load voltage variation.A low-voltage single-phase power system with different types of loads has been built for the realization of electric springs. Simulation results show the effectiveness of electric springs in maintaining good voltage regulation and lead to demand side response.

Study of user’s behaviour in Structured E-Commerce Websites
Authors: M.Tech.Scholar B. Thejaswini, Asst.Prof.Reddi Durga Sree, Karamala Suresh

Abstract:– Online shopping is becoming more and more common in our daily lives. Understanding users’ interests and behavior is essential in order to adapt e-commerce websites to customers’ requirements. The information about users’ behavior is stored in the web server logs. Nowadays, the growth of World Wide Web has exceeded a lot with more expectations. The internet is growing day by day, so online users are also rising. The interesting information for knowledge of extracting from such huge data demands for new logic and the new method. Every user spends their most of the time on the internet and their behaviour is different from one and another. Web usage mining is the category of web mining that helps in automatically discovering user access pattern. Web usage mining is leading research area in Web Mining concerned about the web user’s behaviour. In this paper emphasizes is given on the user behaviours using web server log file prediction using web server log record, click streams record and user information. Users using web pages, frequently visited hyperlinks, frequently accessed web pages, links are stored in web server log files. A Web log along with the individuality of the user captures their browsing behaviour on a website and discussing regarding the behavior from analysis of different algorithms and different methods.

A Study on Normality of Meromorphic Functions and Discrete Exceptional Sets
Authors: M.Phil.Scholar Sreejil. K., Rajakumari. N.

Abstract:–We consider a class of Normality of meromorphic functions, denoted by K in this paper, which are meromorphic outside a compact and countable set Q (f), investigated by P. Bolschin his thesis in 1997. The set Q (f) is the finish of isolated indispensable singularities. We review main definitions and properties of the Fatou and Julia sets of functions in class K. It is studied the role of Q (f) in this context. Following Eremenko it is defined escaping sets and we prove some results related to them. For instance, the dynamics of a function is extended to its singularities using escaping hairs. We give an example of an escaping hair with a wandering singular end point, where the hair is contained in a wandering domain of f ∈ K.

Analysis of Performance Metric of FinFet Based SRAM Cell
Authors: M.Tech.Scholar Meenakshi, Raghwandra Singh

Abstract:– For molecules to be used as components in molecular machines, methods that couple individual molecules to external energy sources and that selectively excite motion in a given direction are required. Significant progress has been made in the construction of molecular motors powered by light and by chemical reactions, but electrically driven motors have not yet been built, despite several theoretical proposals for such motors. Here we report that a butyl methyl supplied molecule adsorbed on a copper surface can be operated as a single-molecule electric motor. Electrons from a scanning tunneling microscope are used to drive the directional motion of the molecule in a two-terminal setup. Moreover, the temperature and electron flux can be adjusted to allow each rotational event to be monitored at the molecular scale in real time. The direction and rate of the rotation are related to the chiralities of both the molecule and the tip of the microscope (which serves as the electrode), illustrating the importance of the symmetry of the metal contacts in atomic-scale electrical devices.

Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Water Samples from Hand Dug Wells in isoko Local Government Areas, Delta State, Nigeria
Authors: K. Emumejaye , Solomon U. Edogho

Abstract:– Water is of major importance and is intensively exploited for domestic and industrial uses. Some hand dug wells in Isoko South and North local government areas of Delta State were analyzed for heavy metals using the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AA320N). For the samples analyzed, Iron, zinc, nickel, chromium and lead concentration range were 0.001 – 0.743mg/l, 0.001 – 0.105mg/l, 0.001 – 0.050mg/l, 0.001 – 0.062 and 0.001 – 0.053mg/l respectively. All water samples were within the WHO and SON permissible limits and fit for drinking with the exception of few wells. Also, the estimated health quotient for Fe, Zn, Ni, Cr, and Pb were less than the safety threshold of 1 except Fe in sample from well2 in Oleh that is 3. Although, these values are relatively low, exposure through the regular consumption of well water in the study area over a long period of time may pose potential health issues to the population. It is recommended that relevant authorities should help to enlighten the people on the necessity for treatment of the water before they can be used for drinking and domestic purposes.

Optimization of a LED Heat Sink using Multi Objective Genetic Algorithm and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Authors: M.Tech.Scholar Suresh Babu, Manjunatha A, Dr.M.Shivashankar, Vijay Kumar Mishra

Abstract:– Light Emitting Diode (LED) devices generate excessive heat during its operation, dissipation of this heat to surroundings is essential for efficient operation of LED unit. Excess of heat from LED unit is dissipated by Heatsink (fins). The volume of the Heatsink should also be as minimum as possible to suit the compact design structure of modern electronic component. In order to obtain the optimal structure size of Heatsink, multiple geometric design parameters that influence the performance of Heatsink are analysed by combining the evolutionary algorithm with computational fluid dynamics. The influences of the geometric variables on the two objective functions are first analysed by commercial code CRADLE scSTREAM through the various samples of design parameters generated by the design of experiments with the help of commercial optimization code EOopti. Using the surrogate model and Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm (MOGA) the Pareto-optimal solutions are generated. The competitive relationship between the objective functions is depicted in the Pareto front. The values of objective functions obtained from the Pareto front are validated with numerical analysis. The results obtained are within 5% of numerical error. The Pareto solution of objective function values, LED temperature of 65.2474ᵒ C and Heatsink volume of 4.53492 x 10-5 m3 is found to be better solution to the application among the Pareto solutions, which has better trade-off relationship with both the objectives.

Analysis of Customer’s behavior in E-commerce website
Authors: M.Tech.Scholar M. Bhavana, Asst.Prof. T.Venkatarammana, K. Suresh

Abstract:– Online shopping is becoming more and more common in our daily lives. Understanding users’ interests and behaviour is important in order to adapt e-commerce websites to customers’ requirements. The information about customers’ behaviour is stored in the web server logs. The analysis of such information has focused on applying data mining techniques where a rather static characterization is used to model users’ behaviour and the sequence of the actions performed by them is not usually considered. Therefore, incorporating a view of the process followed by users during a session can be of great interest to identify more complex behavioural patterns. To address this problem, this paper proposes a linear-temporal logic model checking approach for the analysis of structured e-commerce web logs. By defining a common way of mapping log records according to the e-commerce structure, web logs can be easily converted into event logs where the behaviour of users is captured. Then, different predefined queries can be performed to identify different behavioural patterns that consider the different actions performed by a user during a session. Finally, the usefulness of the proposed approach has been studied by applying it to a real case study of e-commerce website. The results have identified interesting findings that have made possible to propose some improvements in the website design with the aim of increasing its efficiency.

Test Suite Minimization and Parallel Scheduling
Authors:M.Tech.Scholar Shammi, Asst.Prof.Nitin Bansal

Abstract:– Testing is a vital but luxurious task vital for the assembly of elevated quality software. As such, there is outstanding possible for each useful method that enables the detection of extra faults alongside manipulated software assessing funds. One assessing strategy is to orient the assessing regimen concerning concrete, attainable criteria. Regression assessing is one of the vital maintenance hobbies, but it needs a outstanding deal of period and effort. Often, software firms have pressures alongside period and budget, so luxurious and time-consuming regression assessing might be a main burden for them. To vanquish these design and cost-related concerns alongside regression assessing, countless researchers have counseled assorted price competent regression assessing methods in particular, examination case prioritization methods have been actively learned because they furnish appealing benefits, such as flexibility for testers who demand to adjust their assessing efforts for the manipulated period and budget. The Counseled Examination case Minimization methods endeavor to design examination cases in an killing order according to given criterion. The main intention of this Minimization is to rise the likelihood that if the examination cases are utilized for regression assessing in the given order, they will extra closely encounter the goal than they should if they were gave in a little supplementary order.

Disruptive Analysis of opportunities for block chain and Distributed Ledgers in Telecom Industry
Authors: Deepanshu Rathi, Sushant Kumar, Suraj Singhal, Shivjeet

Abstract:– Block chain technology has huge opportunities in many industries and contexts. To a large degree, its trajectory will be driven by sectors like Financial services, international shipping and healthcare. But that will bring along telecoms with it – and there are also numerous signs of “grassroots” effort by the communications industry, especially when linked to new areas such as IoT.This fragmentation of effort also means that multiple vendors, integrators and block chain platforms (private, but also potentially public block chains) are likely to be relevant.

Assessment of Heavy Metal Concentration in Surface Water in Evwreni Town, Delta State
Authors: B.T.Sawere , K. Emumejaye

Abstract:– This study was designed to determine the concentration of heavy metals in samples of surface water collected randomly from within and around Evwreni Town, Delta state. Ten samples of the surface water were collected and taken to the laboratory for physicochemical properties analysis. The pH value ranged between 6.0 to 6.5. the Conductivity, between 106 to 217µs/cm, TDS was 61.3 to 87.9 and TH ranged between 84.1 to 143. The heavy metal concentration were as follows: Pb ranged from 0.001 to 0.005,Cu from 0.3 to 0.5, Fe from 0.4 to 0.9, Zn 0.2 to 0.6, Cr5 0.01 to 0.05 Co. from BDL to 0.04 and Ni from 0.01 to 0.04. All the concentration values for the heavy metals were lower than the set maximum acceptable concentration by WHO.

An Improve Revocation Mechanism Using Public-Key Concept with Validation for Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN)
Authors: M.Tech.Scholar Ritika Ujjainiya, Asst.prof.Tanvi Khandelwal

Abstract:– Delay –disruption Tolerant networks are sparse wireless network which is recently being used by the existing /current network for the purpose to connect devices or the underdeveloped area of the world that works in challenging environment. Network security protocol is always required in any of the secure area, such as military. Delay-disruption Tolerant networks are sparse wireless network which is recently being used by the existing /current network for the purpose to connect devices or the underdeveloped area of the world that works in challenging environment. Network security protocol is always required in any of the secure area, such as military. In DTN there majority of time does not exist the total path from resource to target which is leads to the difficulty of how to route the packet in such environment. Routing in such network is very difficult and for that different routing protocols are developed. In this work we discuss about various routing Strategy. DTN requires mechanism to authenticate messages at each node before forwarding it in the network. So, certificate revocation lists (CRLs) being distributed in DTN network will need to be authenticated and validated for issuer certificate authority (CA) at each node. In this study we work on CRL and update public-key collision in hash table is replaced by secure hash function algorithm SH2 with proper validation by CA. and improve network packet delivery ratio, average latency and throughput. For implementation we use the one simulator.

A Survey on Privacy Preserving Mining Features and Techniques
Authors: M.Tech.Scholar Deepa Agrawal, Asst.Prof. Jayshree Boaddh

Abstract:– The daily use of the word privacy concerning secure data sharing and analysis is commonly imprecise and should be dishonest. The branch of study that embody these privacy considerations are referred as Privacy Preserving Data Mining (PPDM). So these papers focus on this problem of increasing the robustness of the data. Here various approaches adopt by researchers are detailed with their field of security. Some of issue related to the papers is also discussed. Various approaches of association rule mining are explained for finding the or hiding the hidden information as.

A Study on Satisfaction level of Recruitment Training and Development programmes practiced among faculty members with special reference to T.john group of institutions, Bangalore
Authors: Saniya Bahar, Associate Professor Dr.Soniya K

Abstract:– The present study investigates that the Recruitment, Training and Development and its impact towards Job Satisfaction with special reference to T John Group of Institutions, Bangalore. The Recruitment, Training and Development are the elements of Human Resource Management which is predominantly worried about individuals at work and with their relationship inside the association. Enrollment is the way toward drawing in people on an auspicious premise, in adequate numbers and with fitting capabilities. Occupation fulfillment might be characterized as a pleasurable positive enthusiastic state coming about because of the evaluation of one’s activity or employment encounters. It is in this manner vital to have a decent comprehension of a person’s aggregate identity and esteem framework so as to comprehend and portray his/her activity fulfillment. The Training and Development programs insufficiencies in representatives. Preparing makes the representatives flexible. Preparing is the nerve that does the trick the nerve of familiar and smooth working of work which helps in improving the nature of work life of representatives and hierarchical improvement as well. Improvement is a procedure that prompts subjective and additionally quantitative headways in the association, particularly at the administrative level; it is less worried about physical aptitudes and is more worried about information, qualities, mentalities, and conduct notwithstanding particular abilities. Thus, improvement can be said as a ceaseless procedure while preparing has particular regions and goals. Along these lines, each association needs to examine the part, significance and focal points of Recruitment, Training and its positive effect on Development for the development of the association.Preparing suggests valuable advancement in the hierarchical intentions in ideal improvement of nature of work life of the representatives. These sorts of preparing and advancement programs help in enhancing the workers conduct and disposition towards the activity and furthermore inspire their resolve. Thus, the recruitment procedures practiced in the organization and the behaviour and attitude of the HR executive towards the applicants, the training and development programmes of the selected applicants/employees are important aspects which are needed to be studied and focused on from the organizational perspective. This paper focuses and analyses the literature findings on the job satisfaction of the faculties based on the HR Department’s contact with them, the satisfaction level of attending the different training programmes held at T. John Group and the participation and its impact on the faculties for various development programmes.

Internet of Things (IoT) Challenges and Applications
Authors: Asst.Prof.Rohit Tiwari, Asst. Prof. Monika Kohli

Abstract:– The Internet can be taken as a prodigious amalgamation of the powers of a system having Hardware and Software, as they say, you may like it or dislike it, but you cannot ignore the Internet. The Internet is said to be one of the most remarkable inventions of its time and it is the most used form of intercommunication, be it person to person or person to the machine. But there is one more form of intercommunication, getting popular nowadays, is Machine to Machine, wherein machines at both sides are not explicitly supervised by a person at that very time. The Internet of Things (IoT) is behind the evolution of this very form of intercommunication and also works as the backbone technology for the same. This research paper is an effort by the researchers to put some light on some of the most fundamental aspects of this phenomenal technology known in the world of technology, as the Internet of Things (IoT).

A Study on Topological Groups and Haar Measures
Authors: M.Phil.Scholar Suma Joseph, Dr.B.Senthil kumar

Abstract:– Compact right topological groups arise in topological dynamics and in other settings. Following H. Furstenberg’s seminal work on distal flows, R. Ellis and I. Namioka have shown that the compact right topological groups of dynamical type always admit a probability measure invariant under the continuous left translations; however, this invariance property is insufficient to identify a unique probability measure (in contrast to the case of compact topological groups). We amplify on the confirmations of Ellis and Namioka to show that a right invariant probability measure on the compact right topological group G exists provided G admits an appropriate system of normal Subgroups, that it is uniquely determined and that it is also invariant under the continuous left translations. Using Namioka’s work, we show that G has such a system of subgroups if topological centre contains a countable dense subset, or if it is a closed subgroup of such a group.

Investigation of the Bike Wheel Rims With Modified loop Wheel Reinvents
Authors: M.E.Scholar Shweta R. Chandure, Dr. S. M. Kherde

Abstract:– In today’s world, Bicycles are the most favorite choice when it comes to causes like health, pollution, and environment. Several researches have been done in order to make the ride comfortable. Distinctive sorts of cycles have been produced for different applications like Commuter Bikes, Mountain Bike, and Racing bicycle. This undertaking report introduces the Loop wheel which is outlined to such an extent that the suspension framework is coordinated inside wheel for higher stun engrossing execution and better comfort. Loop wheels offer you a smoother ride. Circle wheel springs are generally comprised of a steel material precisely created to offer ideal pressure and horizontal soundness and quality and strength. The three circles in each wheel work along as a self-amending framework. This spring framework between the center point and the edge of the wheel gives suspension that constantly acclimates to uneven landscape padding the rider from anomalies in the street wheel. The spring design allows the torque to be exchanged easily between the center point and the edge. In this project report loop wheel manufactured using C20 steel material and the analysis is done on ANSYS Workbench R15 to determine the stress developed during forces acting on wheel, maximum deflection, principle stresses.

Development of an Efficient and Secure Image Transposal Algorithm Using 16 *16
Quantization Table

Authors: Vijay Bhandari, Dr.Sitendra Tamarkar, Dr. Piyush Shukla

Abstract:– In later a long time, different mystery sharing plans for computerized pictures have been created in arrange to advance communication security. Past strategies in the writing have made endeavours efforts endeavours to accomplish the merits properties for a great mystery picture transposing such as execute (k,n) limit, basic recuperation, no pixel development, the produced covert image are important, the arrange of pictures is elective and lossless recuperation of the mystery image. To the leading of our information, no past mystery sharing scheme accomplishes all the over properties with great quality of important pictures. In this paper, we proposed puzzle image montages based on data stowing away hypothesis to make stride the quality of important pictures with lower computation and great expansibility.In the light of, the proposed plans have the important points of lossless and elective arrange recuperation and no pixel development expansion extension development.This is observing with past advance appear the execution of the planned conspires. The calculations displayed permit distinctive aligned of protection for the data covered up in the covering-documen.

An Online Based Question and answer system in Cloud Environment
Authors: M.Tech.Scholar P. Thilothama, Asst.Prof. K. Suresh

Abstract:– Question and Answer (Q&A) systems play a fundamental role in our daily life for information and knowledge sharing. Users post questions and choose questions to answer in the system. Due to the rapidly growing user population and the number of questions, it is not likely for a user to stumble upon a question by chance that they can answer. Also, humanity does not encourage all users to provide answers, not to mention high quality answers with a short answer. The major objective of this manuscript is to develop the performance of Q&A systems by dynamically forwarding questions to users who are proficient and willing to answer the questions.Social Q&A leverages the social network properties of common-interest and mutual-trust relationship to identify a reader through friendship, who are more likely to answer the question, and enhance the user security. We also improve Social Q&A with safety measures and efficiency enhancements by protecting user privacy and identifies, and retrieving answers automatically for recurring questions. We describe the architecture and algorithms, and conducted complete large-scale simulation to evaluate Social Q&A in comparison with other methods. Our results suggest that social networks can be leveraged to improve the answer quality and reader’s waiting time. We also designed a real web application of Social Q&A, and analyze the Q&A behavior of real users and questions from Social Q&A system.

A Survey on Image Retrieval Approaches with Features Utilization
Authors: M..Tech.Scholar Shalinee Jain, Asst.Prof. Ravi Gedam

Abstract:– Image search refers to finding the precise images related to the user inquiry. Image re-ranking is an efficient way for web-based image search. In image re-ranking, users' intention is captured by one-click on the query image. This assists in providing better search results to the users. This paper presents survey of various techniques which are used for image identification was utilized uptil now is condensed with benefits and drawbacks of these prior proposed work. Here various visual image features are also explained for relevant image detection. Firstly it introduces the object queries which
gives result images specific to some kinds of objects and retrieval models.

A Review Transformer soft Computing Ann, Svm and Genetic Algorithem
Authors: M.Tech.Scholar Sanjay Varfa, Prof.Khushboo Nagar

Abstract:– Transformer soft computing has a very important in the power system such as energy consumption demand Soft computing (ECDF) and peak Transformer Soft computing (PLF). It is a useful tool for a unit commitment and fuel reserve planning in power system. The Transformer demand is depended many variables like industrial index, consumer price index, fuel price, salary index, money exchange, temperature, humidity, and wind speed. Transformer forecast can be classified into four differential types. Very short term Transformer soft computing have period time in a minute, it is importance for real time operation. Short-term Transformer soft computing have period time in a minute to three months, it is importance for unit commitment and operation. Mid-term Transformer soft computing have period time in three months to three years, it is importance for fuel reserve planning and unit commitment. Finally, Long- term Transformer Soft computing have period time in three years to not over fifteen years, it is importance for generation and power plant planning. In this research will offer the energy consumption demand forecasts. It is a very important for fuel reserve planning and unit commitment in power system.

Privacy Protection and Intrusion Avoidance for Patient Medical Data Sharing in Cloud Computing
Authors:M.Tech.Scholar B.Siva Kumar Reddy, Asst.Prof.K. Suresh, Asst.Prof.K. Suresh

Abstract:– With the popularity of smart electronic devices, along with the development of clouds and cloudlet technology, there has been increasing need to provide better medical care. The processing chain of medical data mainly includes data collection, data storage and data sharing, etc. Traditional healthcare system often requires the delivery of medical data to the cloud, which involves users’ sensitive information and causes communication energy consumption. Practically, medical data sharing is a critical and challenging issue. Along these lines in this paper, we develop a novel human services framework by using the adaptability of cloudlet. The elements of cloudlet incorporate security assurance, information sharing and interruption location. In the phase of information accumulation, we initially use Number Theory Research Unit (NTRU) technique to scramble client’s body information gathered by wearable gadgets. Those information will be transmitted to close-by cloudlet in a vitality productive form. Also, we introduce another trust model to assist clients with selecting trustable accomplices who need to share put away information in the cloudlet. The trust demonstrate additionally causes comparable patients to speak with each other about their illnesses. Thirdly, we partition clients’ therapeutic information put away in remote billow of healing facility into three sections, and give them appropriate insurance. At long last, keeping in mind the end goal to shield the medicinal services framework from malignant assaults, we build up a novel cooperative interruption discovery framework (IDS) strategy in view of cloudlet work, which can viably keep the remote social insurance huge information cloud from assaults. Our examinations show the viability of the proposed conspire.

Evaluation of Hazards by Event Tree Analysis and Assessment of Toxicity Index using Aloha In Pharma Industry
Authors: M.Tech.Scholar Rahul Parmar , Asst.Prof.Vivek Shukla

Abstract:– Chemicals are highly hazardous in nature. Starting from the initial stage of manufacturing till the storage of raw chemicals is dangerous to human life. This study has been done in pharma industry where the workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals such as chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, methanol and the same. The physical and chemical properties of the chemicals are studied. The second step is Checklist analysis where the needed data are gathered which are going to be used for further steps. At next step, to select a highly hazardous chemical, Toxicity Index Calculation is used to rank the chemicals based on the data collected from checklist. After the selection of the hazardous chemical, the next step is to find out what is the next event going to happen if there is a release. For which, Event Tree Analysis (ETA) is used in this step. The next step after finding the final event from ETA is to find the how it is dispersed into atmosphere and how much distance it covered. It can be easily found out using the ALOHA Dispersion Software. The next step is human health and safety loss calculation using the distance found out by software and compensation amount gathered from law. The final step is to make the precautionary & preventive measures to avoid the toxic dispersion into atmosphere and the emergency preparedness should be prepared for what should be done during the toxic release.

A Review Article of FPGA ALU Unit Design Based on GA
Authors: M.Tech.Scholar Sakshi Samaiya, Asst. Prof. Anupreksha Jain

Abstract:–The paper primarily deals with review for the construction of arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) using Hardware Description Language (HDL) using Xilinx Vivado 14.7 and implement them on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) to analyze the design parameters. ALU of digital computers is an aspect of logic design with the objective of developing appropriate algorithms in order to achieve an efficient utilization of the available hardware. Speed, power and utilization of ALU are the measures of the efficiency of an algorithm. In this paper, we have simulated and synthesized the various parameters of ALUs by using VHDL on Xilinx Vivado 14.7 and Basys 3 Artix 7 FPGA board.

Distance Based Accident Avoidance System Using Arduino
Authors: M.Tech.Scholar Shraddha Boshat, Asst. Prof. K. Priyanka Sahu, Asst. Prof. Shubham Yadav

Abstract:–In this paper, we present another system in car innovation about how to forestall street mishap on India in these we keep 10 meter remove between one vehicle and another vehicle, with the goal that the vehicle don’t crash or cause any activity issue. The point of the framework is to avert mischances mostly because of not knowing the accompanying separation (i.e., 5m) between one vehicle and another vehicle. The proposed framework contains a thought of having security while turning around a vehicle, recognizes any question inside the accompanying separation, and presentations the separation between one vehicle and another vehicle to the driver utilizing LCD. We have utilized ultrasonic sensors to distinguish any vehicle on both front and posterior of our vehicle. This framework is additionally utilized as a part of vast crane which is principally worked in harbor zone. On the off chance that the auto achieves 10 meter, green shading light will gleam. At 8 meter separate yellow shading light will shine. When it achieves 5 meter remove red shading light will gleam. The separation is likewise demonstrated to the vehicle driver. By this proposed framework the security is kept up on swarmed zones and in vehicle turning around process.

A Review Article of Instrumental Amplifier 16 Bit Pipelining ADC
Authors: M.Tech.Scholar Meenu Jain, Asst. Prof. Anupreksha Jain

Abstract:–Analog to digital converter is the important component in signal processing and communication system. It is a mixed system which converts the analog signals into the digital signals for transformation of sensor data. There are many types of ADC’s available such as pipeline ADC, successive approximation ADC, delta sigma ADC etc. In present day CMOS technology the flash ADC is composed by utilizing the dynamic method, it reduces the power, and delay. A flash ADC is extremely valuable for fastest speed operations when it is compared with the other ADC architectures. Comparator and Encoder are vital part of flash ADC. This paper presents review of Efficient Low Power High Speed Flash ADC Techniques.

Measure the Dynamics of Malaria Transmission Using Entomological Approaches at Natitingou, Northern-East of Benin
Authors: Yadouleton Anges, Aïkpon Rock, Klotoe-Jean Robert, Agbanrin Ramziyath, Tchibozo Carine, Ahissou Fabrice, Houndeton Geraldo, Agolinou Achaz, Kpodo Edwige, Kpodjedo Jeanne, Akogbeto Martin

Abstract:–To evaluate the level of malaria transmission at Natitingou Northern-East of Benin, a cross sectional entomological study was carried out from April 2016 to March 2017 in urban and rural areas of this city. Adult mosquitoes were collected in both areas by Human Landing Catch and Indoor Pyrethrum Spray Catches (PSC). Entomological parameters like the human biting rate (HBR ; the number of mosquitoes biting a person during a given time period (bites/p/t, time being night, month or year); the Circunsporizoite protein (CSP) rate (CSP; the proportion of mosquitoes found with Plasmodium falciparum CSP over the total number of mosquitoes tested and the Entomological Inoculation Rate (EIR; the number of infective bites of anopheline per person per unit of time (bi/p/t) and calculated as the product of the HBR by the CSP rate) were evaluated in the city. A total of 21,018 mosquitoes were collected between April 2016 and March 2017. Culex Spp was the dominant and represented 82.08%. Anopheles spp which contributed to malaria transmission represented 17.09%. The remaining (0.8%) were Aedes spp and Mansonia spp populations. Moreover, the highest bites of An. gambiae s.l. during the rainy season was found in August at urban (33.75bites/p/n) and rural (25.83 bites/p/n) but, there is no significant different between the average HBR of An. gambiae s.l. in urban area (11.41 bites/p/n) and in the rural area (8.21 bites/p/n) (P>0.05). Transmission was high during the rainy season (June to November) and low during the dry season (December to May) and was vehicled by An. gambiae Colluzzi (65%). and An. arabiensis (35%). The EIRs were significantly higher in the dry season in urban area (0.125bi/p/n) than in rural area (0.021 bi/p/n) (P < 0.05). However, during the rainy season, there was no significant difference between the EIRs from urban and rural areas (P > 0.05). These findings showed that malaria is permanent at Natitingou both in urban and in rural area and was vehicle by An. Coluzzi and An. Arabiensis. These results will be useful to implement a strategy against malaria in this city.

A Review Article of Various old Methods to Improve Thermal Plant Efficiency
Authors: M. Tech. Scholar Indrajit Patidar, Asst. Prof. Nilesh Sharma

Abstract:–This research paper analyses the operational parameters of a thermal power plant to improve effectively& efficient running of the machine while ensuring a degree of compliance with statutory regulations. This study aims to identify the operational gaps associated with running operational parameter in power plant process. It is focused to detect a different thermodynamic variable involved, being multivariate and automatic. For variation of each one of this operational parameters, performance calculations are find out to configure a database of energy variation. The variable data sets now can be used as assessment criteria based on detecting deviations from a reference system that has been updated during plant-performance tests. Although the most important outcome is the highly precise and valuable information that will be obtained on the live operating mode, leading to a head improvements in the cycle efficiency and achieved in the overall control system of the thermal plant. The main aim is to detect any abnormality, reacting as quickly as possible to return the plant to a normal operation mode at best efficient manner.

Factorization in Integral Domains
Authors: M. Phil Research Scholar Suja Joseph, Dr. B. Senthil kumar

Abstract:The M-evaluated spaces R = M Rm, which are nearly Schreier are classified under the suspicion that the fundamental conclusion R of R is a root augmentation of R, where M is a without torsion, commutative, cancellative monoid. For the situation that D[M] is a commutative monoid area it is demonstrated that if M funnel shaped and D[M] ⊆ D[M] is a root augmentation, at that point D[M] is nearly Schreier if and just if M and √D are nearly Schreier. On the off chance that R = Æ[nx] is a request in a quadratic augmentation field $( d) of $, it is demonstrated that the conditions; R[X] is IDPF; R[X] is inside factorial; R[X] is nearly Schreier; R[X] ⊆ R[X] is a root expansion; and each prime divisor of n likewise partitions the discriminant of the augmentation K/$; are equal conditions.

A Comparative Chemical Analysis of Phyto-chemicals Content of Green Cabbage and Red Cabbage
Authors: Nida Tanveer, Gulrez Nizami, Mohammad Azam, Mohammad Arshad, Sheela, Farman Ali, Shifa Rehman Merajuddin

Abstract:–Cabbage is very grandly essential vegetables in the whole world. It becomes into the Brassicaceae family. In this investigation of phytochemical, comparative study of red cabbage and green cabbage were carried out. Some phytochemical were present in both red cabbage and green cabbage while some phytochemical were absent. The phytochemical analysis of red cabbage powder extracts indicated with exist certain phytochemical compound. Some phytochemical in powder extracts such as saponin, tannin, flavonoids, glycosides, and alkaloid were present in a large amount and phytosterols found in only methanol extract. In the analysis of red cabbage juice tannin, phytosterols, flavonoids, and alkaloid were present in each extract of red cabbage juice but the glycoside was present in methanol extract and saponin was found in methanol extract and water extract. The phytochemical detection of green cabbage powder and juice extracts confirmed that the phytochemical is found in a small amount. The phytochemical analysis of green cabbage and red cabbage powder or juice founded that the Phytochemicals were present a small amount in green cabbage as compared with red cabbage. The phytochemical analysis of green cabbage juice and water revealed that the phytochemicals were present in a small amount as compared with red cabbage.

A Study on Only Kind of Real Number an Integral Domain
Authors: M. Phil Research Scholar Suja Joseph, Dr. B. Senthil kumar

Abstract:We take a broad view the notion of “unique factorization domain” in the spirit of “half-factorial domain”. We show that new generalization of UFD implies the now well known notion of half factorial domain. As a consequence, we discover that the one of the normal axioms for unique factorization domains is unconscientiously redundant. That is, we interested in factoring numbers in integral domains so we have to scrutinize distribution, and so this post will begin with a fairly cursory look at the properties of distribution. At that moment we willpower bring in the crucial ideas of units and acquaintances. In the Real number, 1 are units and n, for any fixed n, are associates.

Centrally Suspended Cage-less Differential Gearbox
Authors: Jay Ghodke, Mihir Gajendragadkar, Deepesh Dubey, Ishwari Dighe

Abstract:In the 21st century, the technological advancements are at its peak. Considering the automobile industry, vehicles with better performance parameters are at our disposal compared to the former vehicles and their technologies. The centrally suspended cage-less differential gearbox is one such innovation which aids the performance of the vehicles like improved cornering efficiency, reduced weight, equal torque distribution and elimination of uneven centre of gravity compared to the conventional differential gearbox. In this study the theoretical designs of the gearbox were obtained using standard design formula. The CAD models were designed on CATIA V5. The models were analysed using ANSYS workbench. After obtaining satisfactory results, manufacturing of the gearbox assembly was carried out.

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