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Since there has been wide scope found in the different fields of engineering, it has become a core branch with many tributary branches. The branches such as structural engineering, transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering, urban engineering, coastal engineering, construction engineering, environmental engineering, and material engineering. So, having that much variety of research and separation of branches also, there is essential to have a separate journal in transportation engineering.

Journals in transportation engineeringhas the special research work on the area of transportation system and its fundamentals, traffic issues and causes with solutions, parking system and many transports related manuscript. while selecting any journal in transportation engineering ,there must be cautiousness about the reviewer team that are reviewing the paper submitted. As because they must possess the strong knowledge about the specific field not in civil engineering but specialised one in transportation also, with have sufficient experience. The following are some instructions noted before the selection of journal of transportation journal:

  1. The journal must have the high impact factor.
  2. The journal selected must be match with the standards and have identity in the field.
  3. The journal selected must be authorised one.
  4. The journal must mention all the paper details in the scheduled like paper standard required or format of paper, authors and pages limit, date of issuing, publishing, acceptance date etc.
  5. The journal must be early mentioned all the fee structure, as on time it doesn’t charge extra.
  • Publication charge for good papers are Rs five hundred Or approx 20$ only.

  • This journal like to promote authors for good content only, with low publication fee five hundred rupees.
  • Rapid publishing journals with impact factor more than 3.

  • Fast track publication International journals 

  • Communication time between author and reviewer is reduce with the help of dedicated author support team.

  • Author get suggestion from the reviewer to improve the content quality and research.

These are the points that need to be careful about selecting the journal. But here below mentioned the types of fees usually journals charged:

  • Registration fees
  • Acceptance fees
  • Pre &Post acceptance fees
  • Article processing charge
  • Publication fees
  • Accessing charge
  • Online certification fees
  • Editing or copywriting fees
  • Printing charges

So, select the research the journal that can issue the minimum fees mentioned above, as only it can cost the publication cost. due to the less budget of the students and publisher submitting these fees are not always possible.

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