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Latest Research Topic for computer science are:


Data Mining include analysis of large amount of unorganized data in form of text files, image, tabular data, etc. Here further classification of this is done by working in specific area of research such as

  • Web Mining:

    Here website related information like page content optimization can be done by using its features of web log, web content, web structure.

    Web Page Prediction: This comes under web mining where web log is use for understanding the user behavior on the website, in this step page content was also used. Some algorithm like Ant colony,  markov modal, etc are use for the same.

    Web Page Ranking: In this work website various pages are analyzed for ranking the pages of the site by using methods of google rank, linear rank, page rank etc.

  • Text Mining:

    Here documents are either arrange, summarized, fetch, etc by using pattern or Term feature.

    Content Retrieval / Document Retrieval / Information Retrieval: In this work text files are either arrange in specific order OR fetch list of files based on the query of user.

  • Temporal Mining:

    Here analysis done on the basis of time stamp where various information are summarized as per there happening and there causes.

    Event Activity Happening: In this work events are proposed with there probability where chance of data going was done.

    Nature Prediction: Large amount of information gather from the satellite images for predicting the glacier movements, galaxy analysis.

    Dataset Available for Research in Computer Science are

  • Adult Dataset (code 101): for pattern recognition, privacy preserving mining, Description: It contain 32560 number of session with 11 fields where attribute contain both number and textual data. To Get Data / Download Data Send Request
  • Information Retrieval Dataset (code 102): Its an collection of images which contain 1000 images of ten category like people, elephant, bus, etc. where each subcategory have 100 images. This dataset is use for image retrieval, fetching, clustering, etc. To Get Data / Download Data Send Request
  • Text File Classification (code 103): In this dataset small set of text files are collect where 1000 text file contain article on hockey different worldcup debate. This dataset is used for text mining such as classification of text files, fetching of relevant document as per user query, conclusion / abstract creation, disputant identification, etc. To Get Data / Download Data Send Request
  • Tax Relation Dataset (code 104): In this dataset tax payer relations are present with company details, transaction between them, individual relations, here dataset is used in generating association rules, Tax evasion identification, Transaction identification for business, etc. To Get Data / Download Data Send Request
  • Brain Tumor Segmentation Dataset (code 105): In this dataset 50 images with there ground truth were present, so dataset has 100 images. Image have skull, brain and tumor section. Hence scholar can segment image into three class.  To Get Data / Download Data Send Request
  • Jaffe Images (code 106): In order to study the expression of the face this set of dataset is very helpful where seven emotion are expressed by 11 Japaneses girls. Here this dataset used for image fragmentation, expression recognition, face recognition, etc. To Get Data / Download Data Send Request
  • Chess Dataset (code 107): This dataset is collection of 76 items where 3196 number of transactions are present, its an set of numeric id of the frequent items purchase by the store. This is used for Association Rule Mining, Privacy Preserving, FP-Tree, etc. To Get Data / Download Data Send Request
  • Image Watermarking (code 108): in this dataset standard set of images are present both in color and gray format, with two size 256×256 and 512×512 name of those images are mandrilla, lena, etc. This is used for image watermarking, cryptography, encryption, decryption, etc.  To Get Data / Download Data Send Request
  • Character Recognition (code 109): Its an collection of images for identifying the character present in the hand expression used by dumb people. This is used in image processing for shape identification.  To Get Data / Download Data Send Request
  • Object Detection (code 110): In this dataset few set of video are present where people perform various action such as running, walking, jumping, etc. To Get Data / Download Data Send Request
  • Web Log (code 111): In this dataset web log of famous nasa site was present with there complete path of various random surfer, it contain 10000 sessions in the dataset in text file.  To Get Data / Download Data Send Request
  • Twitter Sentiment (code 112): Here one can get sentiment of the tweets done by the user on different emotions. This can be used in sentiment analysis, classification, emotion identification, etc. To Get Data / Download Data Send Request
  • Geosptial Tagging (code 113): Here as per the geographical co-ordination various set of image are tag by specifying its longitude and latitude value. This is used in geographical location based learning,  etc. To Get Data / Download Data Send Request
  • SAR Image (Code 114): In this dataset set of SAR image is present with different time span for the study of ice / snow precipitation, melting rate, etc. Here researcher can use this for segmentation, rate identification, etc. To Get Data / Download Data Send Request
  • Wisconsin Breast Cancer (code 1014): Its an numeric value dataset used for identifying the cluster of data which tends towards breast cancer. This dataset is implement for pattern recognition, binary classification testing techniques, etc. To Get Data / Download Data Send Request


  1. vikaspatanker Post author

    Suggest some more topic related to security of data that can be implement on NS2 or opnet.

  2. Ganesh Kumar

    Hi Vikas you can choose Mobile adhoc network for same in that black hole attak or untrusted friend attack can be implement on the NS2.

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