IJSRET Volume 3 Issue 2, March-2017


Comparative Study on Pilot Tone based Approach for Channel Offset Estimation in OFDM Systems [25-28]

Author: Raghvendra Sharma, Saurabh Pandey, Anubhav Sharma

Community Detection on Social Media: A Review [29-33]

Author: Sweta Rai, Shubha Chaturvedi, Chetan Agarwal

Survey on Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks[34-38]

Author: Krishna Kant Sharma, Prof. Shivendra Dubey, Prof. Mukesh Dixit

Efficient and Scalable Multiple Class Classification using Bee Colony based Probabilistic Approach[39-44]

Author: Tarun Yadav

Real-Time Transferring of Optimized Levels with Carbon and Nitrogen Gases[45-49]

Author: K. Susitra, K. Vijayalakshmi, P.N Jeipratha

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