IJSRET Volume 2 Issue 6, November-2016



Detection and Classification of One Conductor Open Faults in Parallel Transmission Line using Artificial Neural Network [139-146]

Author: A.M. Abdel-Aziz, B. M. Hasaneen, A. A. Dawood

Ant Colony based Optimized Authentication Mechanism for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks [147-150]

Author: Priyanka Rathore, Pankaj Kawadakar

Network Lifetime Enhancement in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network: A Review [151-154]

Author: Ashok Kumar Yadav, Ravendra Ratan Singh

Ant Colony Based Optimized Encryption Scheme for Network-Coded Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks [155-159]

Author: Garima Boriya, Anubhav Sharma

Linear-Regression Based Node Relocation Scheme for Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Network [160-164]

Author: Rishank Rathore, Mr. Akhilesh Bansiya

Review on BAT Algorithm in IDS for Optimization [165-168]

Author: Aliya Ahmad, Bhanu Pratap Singh Senger

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