IJSRET Volume 1 Issue 5, September-2015


Improving Congestion Control in Internet Networks using Fuzzy Logic Congestion Controller [78-81]

Author: C . A. Mgbachi, I. I. Eneh, and Ameh, E. M

A Novel Technique to Determine the Controlling Unstable Equilibrium Point in Power Systems [82-89]

Author: Wagdy M. MANSOUR, Mohamed A. ALI, Nader SH. ABDELHAKEEM

Multi-agent Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear Interconnected Hydro-Thermal System Load Frequency Control Based on Bat Inspired Algorithm [90-99]

Author: M. Elsisi, M. A. S. Aboelela, M. Soliman, W. Mansour

Electrical Characteristics of XLPE Cables Containing Different Levels of Calcium Carbonate Filler[100-105]

Author: Loai Nasrat, Mamdouh Abd El-Akher, Shaymaa Qenawy

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